Travel  is a word, which has many potential meanings. From the adventure of globetrotter to the serious business trip, from slowly walking to fast flight, what are sharing all these travellers is the move.

But what differs them is the aim of this move. Nowadays, the most of our travels has for goal to arrive somewhere else speedly and comfortably. Travel also denotes the stay, which we spend in this place. Current technology allows us longer unimaginable mobility. And that’s wonderful! But let’s not forget that we also can have no other aim than the move itself. Wander, stroll, move at human speed and take the time of the discovery, the meeting : the trip becomes also nothing more than the move itself. For this project, it’s this kind of travel that we want.

The idea is to leave from our country, France, and go to east. Without  geoagraphical or cultural jump, the disorientation will be gradual. To realise geography, aware of distances, and soak up the atmosphere, we’ll go slowly. To feel in the landscapes rather than watch them passively, we will go thanks to our own strength. To better live meeting, we will try to learn some basic languages. And to deepen exchanges, we trust to Esperanto. Wonder as linguistic as ethical, this language opens the doors of all a network in the world.

Go through the countryside by bike, ascend mountains on foot, down rivers by canoe, ride through the steppes … it makes us dream! But the logistical difficulties would compel us to give up our will of autonomy. To travel by fair means while preserving relative freedom and roam in the world on a scale of space and time that fits us together, bicycle seems a good accomodation.

Bivouac au Ras de la Carança (1831 m)

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