A vélo vers l’Orient, a round-the-world bicycle trip.

We left Lyon, France, on the 20th of January 2013.


Bicycle ; Boat ; Train, bus, hitchhiking

All detailed journey maps here.



All the pictures from this page.

About our trip

There are many ways to travel. We may want to go very fast and very far, then staying there for holidays. We can also prefer to travel not for the destination, but only for the way itself. Move slowly, wander, and take time for all what we can experience on the road. For this project, that’s what we want. Start from our home, and, step-by-step, discover bits of our planet. Without too big cultural gap.

We are definitely not cyclists nor sporting guys. But cycling is for us a perfect mean for this kind of journey. Cycling is amazing: we move very slowly, only a few 50 km per day. It seems nothing compare to the country size, to the world size. But taking time, days after days, we can go far, very far! Going by bike, we don’t move quickly from one must-see site to another sightseeing spot. We do everything in between. And the most interesting to our minds is just there, where we don’t expect anything but normal life. Perfect way to meet people, and see the world as it is.

About us

Sara, 24 at the start
I worked during two years as an architect befoAYS_5323re to leave. But I had this plan of journey even before I finished my studies. Travelers let me dream since my childhood. I loved listening stories of hitchikers my parents gave a lift during our holidays. But it’s maybe from the highschool, when I took part in as many school exchanges I could, that really began my interest in traveling. I like to go abroad, live with foreign people, notice all the small details of the everyday life which differ from a country to another, and try to adapt myself. And of course, I like to learn languages in the same idea to be able to share more and better understand people I meet. On the other hand, I discovered a few years ago the pleasure of hiking, the happyness of a nomad life, of simple life. Progressing in beautiful scenery, cooking with fire, camping in the bush… And what I expect for a such trip, it’s to enjoy a little bit of all of that!

Matthieu, 23 at the start
I’m botanist and I just finished my studies in biology at the national museum of natural history of Paris. Photography, reading, tramping, juggling, learning languages or table tennis are some of the things I enjoy.

4 Responses to English

  1. Raz says:

    Salut, J’ai trouve votre blog pendant je fais un demand aux hostes du warm showers en Ordu. Il me semble qu’on fait un voyage et route tres similar. Je m’excuse pour ma francaise mauvaise mais je vous souhaites un bon route et peut-etre on va rencontre sur la route a l’avenir!! :-)

    • Sara says:

      Hello !
      That’s fun that you found us on Warm Showers, because we saw a photo of you in Istanbul at the place of an other host from Warm Showers, Alessandra in Serres, Greece
      Your trip looks amazing, and for sure we would enjoy to meet you on the road !
      See you !

  2. Josan says:

    Impresionante viaje! Je sui an amie spagnolo de vostre aunt Briggitte. Felicitaciones por vuestro viaje! Excuse moi, mon francoise cest terrible!

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