The 2 wanderers


Matthieu, 24 years old

I just finished my studies in biology at the national museum of natural history in Paris, to work in nature conservation. I’m naturalist, and I love identify and shoot pictures of flora. I like reading (Thoreau, Richard Dawkins, Theodore Monod, Sylvain Tesson, Tolkien, Darwin among my favourites). I like trips, hiking in the mountains or look at the night sky.

Sara, 25 years old
I’m working for two years in architecture. So I like naturally arts and drawing, especially sketches during my trips. Moreover I like small pleasures of life: cooking (above all cakes!), reading (mostly comics), listen french music and sing around a campfire (even if I can’t do it really well). I like hiking and actually all kind of trips in nomad style. Enjoy life in nature and fill with wonder in front of beautiful landscapes. I dream quite a long time to take time for a long travel, and that’s it, I’m realizing one of my dreams!

Some last trips

Click on the picture to watch album :)

2012 – From Mediterranean to Atlantic via canals

15 days by tandem (watch sketches)

2011 – Cross of Pyrenees

50 days hiking (watch pictures on Google Earth or watch sketches)
Cabane de Saunères (1660 m)

2010 – Tchad

1 month at the height of Africa

2009 – Palestine (Matthieu)

1 month to discover Palestine

2009 – Massif Central (Sara)

15 days hiking across volcanos
massif central

2008 – Balkans

3 weeks hitchhiking trip to Montenegro (Itinerary)

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